It is important to have a clean driveway and roof to remove any risk of damage to your house and surrounding areas.


I have all the necessary products and equipment to safely remove algae, moss and dirt for a refreshed house and driveway.


I specialise in the removal of algae and moss, or any unsightly marks on all hard surfaces. 

Dirt can easily build up over the surface and in the cracks of your driveway, also causing weeds to grow. 

I use high power pressure equipment to break down all the grime and effectively remove the dirt from your driveway.

I also extract all weeds, re-sand and seal block paving to keep your driveway as clean and pristine as possible 

I work on all surfaces, using the same effective method. 


Moss can build up layers on your roof tiles, causing alge and lichen to grow which further weakens and damages your roof.

It is important to have a clean roof to avoid rainwater blockage and/or leaking. It also prevents condensation in your home. 

I will asses your roof for any damage and repairs that may need to be taken. 

I use a chemical to break down and remove the moss in all areas of the roof, and carefully apply a treatment to kill any remaining dirt.

I ensure no debris is left from the wash of your roof