To ensure I get the best results possible, I use the latest technology and Eco-friendly solutions. This is detergent free, and safe for children and pets. 

I am fully trained and insured, so you can rely on me to use the most thorough and efficient cleaning methods; leaving your furniture and carpets fresh, clean and healthy. 


I will inspect your carpet to determine the fibre type to ensure the best cleaning method is used. 

I will apply a pre-spray to break down the soiling and stains.

Once this has settled into the fibres, and broken down trapped soil, the carpet is gently agitated. 

I will provide a powerful rinse to remove the dirt and moisture out of the carpet.


I then groom the carpet to keep it fresh and keep drying time down to minimum



Firstly, I will assess your furniture's upholstery, as different fabrics and stains require different methods and treatments.

I will apply a pre-spray treatment to break down the dirt.

This is massaged into the fabric to ensure complete removal

I will provide a powerful rinse which removes the dirt and moisture out of your furniture, which also keeps drying time down to a minimum